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this site is designed to help family and friends of the melrose, new york pezdek family keep in touch while also displaying selected photos that i, for some reason, feel duty-bound to take and share. photo areas are divided into non-family (interior/exterior) and family sections with password protection being invoked on family-related photo collections (please leave a comment requesting a password if interested).

when you arrive at a photo page, simply pick a picture or picture menu and then click on it to get started – either “swipe” right or left or use the little “” keys to move between snapshots. when you’re done (you’ll restart at the beginning), simply click on the light grey “X” in the upper right corner of the picture area.

IT’S OUR PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE THAT, ON APRIL 25, 2020, OUR DAUGHTER SARAH BECAME MRS. LEO BACHINGER. we welcome leo to the family and wish the newlyweds the best of everything … forever! while i didn’t have the pleasure of taking photos of this very special occasion, we do very much thank ms tracey buyce for doing so … please click HERE to enjoy her images.

SPECIAL LINK … Snapshots from Cousin Rachel’s wedding to Mike Brown … CLICK HERE

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