about wbwa_solutions

before my retirement, i directed the application development team for a major nys agency and was an active application developer in my own right (specializing in adobe/macromedia/allaire coldfusion, microsoft active server pages, wordpress and (for the real old timers) nantucket/CA clipper) with a variety of database engines in the background.

a retirement notion was to form an LLC named wbwa_solutions (those on the inside don’t need a definition for the “wbwa” part).  while retirement has come, i no longer feel the pressing need to be overly active in the development/consulting arena although i have strived to remain abreast of current hardware and software technologies (this web site employs the latest WordPress engine and the original pezdek.com employs coldFusion 8 for example – I know that the coldfusion 2018 release (yes, as of 03.11.2020, it’s still version 2018) is out there (and may in fact be on the way out) but, hey, i don’t buy a new car every year either!) – keeping up with current development trends is getting progressively more difficult these days!  i would however, welcome challenging and interesting web based development projects where the project owner would be interested in rapid turnaround/implementation at a reasonable cost and would share my zeal for implementing a quality product that meets or exceeds expectations.

if you have such a project/product need, feel free to contact me by completing the form below.

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