family photos

this page is dedicated to family related photos (some of which go back quite a ways in time) that happen to be amongst the favorite shots of staff from in order to get to any of the identified collections, merely click on the highlighted topic area in each option presented below.

  • car show tradition – matt, joey, tony and i do this years first visit to the guptill’s car show!
  • joey’s first communion – it was wonderful to be part of this very special day with this very special young man. (password required)
  • evie’s 13th Family BDay bash – the gang gets together at sarah’s House in round lake for a great time. (password required)
  • overall family photos – a collection of what i feel to be some of the cuter shots of our family – i hope that they agree. (password required)

images contained on this site are copyright © 1952-2052 – bob pezdek photo. unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited.


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