wbwa drone photography


1fb56356-f3ab-4280-a4d5-2508b140a1e5please feel free to view any of the video listings which appear below simply by clicking on the attached link (your browser will launch a new/separate web page to allow for the viewing of an iCloud maintained video file).

if you’d like, leave me comments or recommendations relating to my drone video efforts so far … thanks and i hope that you enjoy!  i’ve got to be honest with you, these flicks look a lot better on an ipad than they do on a pc … just sayin’.

  • sweet dreams – I could simply not think of a better title!
  • house painting project – not your ordinary house and not your ordinary painting equipment!
  • house roofing project – not your ordinary house and not your ordinary roof! COMING SOON
  • waterford mohawk river locks – since the first time I saw these locks, I imagined the fun it would be to have a drone in hand for some high flying photography … I was right!
  • waterford/lansingburgh hudson river bridge – one of the coolest things about drone photography is not only the results you achieve but the self-administered adrenaline rush that you can enjoy … flying over deep water really gets the adrenaline flowing!
  • abandoned swimming pool – there’s a really interested abandoned swimming pool located within prospect park in troy, new york. the pool is of elevated design with locker and storage facilities located in its base. if you’re unable to visit the pool yourself, feel free to enjoy the linked video.
  • niskayuna lock 7 flyover – this was my FIRST EVER attempt at doing anything even remotely adventurous with my new drone. what better way to start than a trip to lock 7 and some deep water!
  • willow tree removal – after living here in niskayuna for 11+ years, we figured it was about time to take down the 100 ft willow tree gracing our front yard and threatening everyone passing near it … the tree company guys were magicians!
  • laura’s 2018 bday bash – what fun is it having a birthday if you can’t have a birthday party?!

there’s going to be a lot more flyover video files coming to this page soon so please keep checking back – in the meantime, if you should hear a faint buzzing in the air over you, look up and wave!

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